The Coit Road Farmers' Market & Green Triangle

The Coit Road Farmers' Market & Green Triangle Project is a collaboration between The East Cleveland Growth Association, The Coit Road Farmers' Market, and Food Strong. The Green Triangle will be a new Healthy Lifestyle District anchored by the farmers' market. The Coit Road Farmers' Market will be reconstructed into a 2-level fresh food and produce market. The new design will include space for fresh and healthy food cooking classes and demonstrations. The Green Triangle will transform the area around the farmers' market into an outdoor healhy lifestyle district with shops and businesses all geared towards supporting healthy living. There will also be space for residents interested in urban farming to grow and harvest fresh produce which can then be sold at the farmer's market. So, local growers become local seller, supporting the local ecomomy.
Larsen Architects is an established practice whose collective expertise is focused on a singular goal: Create, connect and engage community through architecture. Their work reflects a clear understanding and reverent respect for the past, combined with an astute insight and open minded embrace of the present and future. Larsen Architects has impacted community development throughout northeast Ohio and beyond. Their practice is dedicated to the singular goal of creating, connecting and engaging productive and sustainable communities through architecture. Larsen Architects is attentive to historical preservation – maintaining the heritage and soul of the communities they work in.
Greater Cleveland Construction will be the Construction Project Manager and General Contractor for the A. M. Ward Business Co-op. Greater Cleveland Construction provides design-build services and has produced award winning projects in adaptive reuse. Their diverse portfolio of projects and experience in renovation of existing and older buildings makes their expertise stand out among other construction companies.