The A. M. Ward Business Co-op

The A. M. Ward Business Co-op will be a 2-story small business incubator/business co-op with 18 offices on the 2nd level and 2 storefronts on the ground level. One of the storefronts will be the home of the East Cleveland Growth Association and The ECGA Technology Learning Center.

The A. M. Ward Business Co-op will provide both short-term and long-term benefit for the residence of East Cleveland. This project will provide short-term job opportunities in construction and the trades. ECGA will open the construction bids to residents currently living in East Cleveland. There will also be long-term human services, for example, the A. M. Ward Business Co-op will provide full-time employment opportunities in areas such as Administrative Support, Technology Support, Accounting/HR, Maintenance, and Janitorial/Cleaning services. The co-op provides local entrepreneurs the opportunity to start business in their community and contribute to the local economy. The co-op will also offer Computer Technology Training for residents, and the opportunity for residents who successfully complete the training, to become certified and eligible to work in the discipline.