The A. M. Ward Business Co-op

The A. M. Ward Business Co-op will be a 2-story office building with 18 offices on the 2nd level and 2 storefronts on the ground level. One of the storefronts will be the home of the East Cleveland Growth Association and The ECGA Technology Learning Center.
Greater Cleveland Construction will be the Construction Project Manager and General Contractor for the A. M. Ward Business Co-op. Greater Cleveland Construction provides design-build services and has produced award winning projects in adaptive reuse. Their diverse portfolio of projects and experience in renovation of existing and older buildings makes their expertise stand out among other construction companies.
Jeffrey A. Gresennmeyer & Associates will be the Architects for the A. M. Ward Business Co-op. Founded in 1983 and incorporated in 1992, Jeffrey A. Grusenmeyer & Associates, Inc. has been providing full service architectural and engineering planning and design services for over 35 years. The Grussenmeyer philosophy is to design structures and environments that are contextual to their communities; enhance and inspire the lives of their users; provide for efficiency, interaction, and sustainability; envision permanency, commodity, and the shock of delight; and primarily serve the interests of their owners and users.